Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
How does Gladli work?
The process is simple!

For products to be delivered to you:

  1. You select a product of your choice
  2. The supplier of the product ships the product to you
  3. You enjoy the product!
For products to be claimed with a voucher:

  1. You select a product of your choice
  2. You take your voucher for that product to the store location you selected
  3. You enjoy the product!
That’s it!
How can Gladli be completely free to consumers?
The supplier of the product that you select pays for everything. The supplier is more interested in having you try the product than charging you for it.
Why are there limits on how many products I can select in a given period of time?
A supplier simply cannot give away an unlimited number of products. A cooldown system is used to make each gift more meaningful.
How do the cooldowns work?
The cooldowns affect how soon you can select your next product.

There is a universal cooldown that is initiated after every order you place. This cooldown places a hold on all products.

Additionally, there are product-level cooldowns that are initiated when an order is placed for a specific product. This cooldown places a hold on that specific product only. The length of the product-level cooldown is controled by the supplier of the product and may differ from the length of the universal cooldown.
When will I receive my order?
For delivery orders, we ask our supplier partners to ship their product to you within 7 days from the time you submit your order. The actual shipping time varies from supplier to supplier and it can also be influenced by the season. For example, the December U.S. holiday season may affect shipping times.

For voucher orders, you may redeem your voucher immediately at the store location you selected!
Do product vouchers expire?
Yes! All product vouchers expire 1 week (7 calendar days) after the order for the voucher is placed.
What personal information do I need to provide in order to create an account?
An email address, a physical address, and a credit card are used together to create a unique membership. Elements of the physical address include your first and last name, street address, city, state, and postal code. Your phone number is also required to support communication.
Why is a credit card required if all the products offered on Gladli are free?
The credit card requirement reduces the number of fraudulent accounts. It helps to ensure that all accounts created on Gladli are legitimate. It is vital to the successful operation of Gladli.
Will my credit card be charged when I select a free product on Gladli?
No. Your credit card will not be charged when you select a free product on Gladli.
Do you share my information with anyone?
Gladli shares your name, address, email, phone number, gender, and birth year with the supplier of the product that you select. Your name and address are used to ship your product to you. Your email address and phone number are used to support direct communication with the supplier. Your gender and birth year, if supplied, may be used for market research.

Gladli DOES NOT share your credit card information with anyone except our payment service provider, Stripe.