Loyalty Rewards Program


These Loyalty Rewards Program Terms were last updated on June 6, 2016.

The following terms apply to the Loyalty Rewards Program:

1. Eligibility for this program is assessed by Gladli on a case-by-case basis and is in the sole discretion of Gladli. At a minimum, the following eligibility limitations apply:

a. This program is limited to organizations that make and/or sell the types of consumable products that would typically be listed on Gladli. This includes, but is not limited to, bath products, beauty products, food products, drink products, supplement products, and home good products.

b. This program is limited to Gladli accounts that do not have overdue subscription fees.

2. Loyalty rewards are measured, calculated, and applied based on a Gladli account. If a company or organization has more than one Gladli account, loyalty rewards are measured, calculated, and applied separately for each of those accounts.

3. Customer orders must be marked as fulfilled by you in a timely manner. Orders may be marked as shipped, claimed, or never redeemed, depending on the circumstances. Orders that have been fulfilled but that have not been marked accordingly will not count toward loyalty rewards.

4. Any applicable discount will be applied to your subscription fee starting in the next billing cycle after the requirements for the discount have been met.

5. Loyalty rewards cannot be sold or transferred.

6. The terms shown at https://www.gladli.com/terms-of-use/#special-programs, which apply to all Gladli promotions and programs, also apply to this program. If any discrepancy exists between the terms above that specifically apply to this program and the general terms that apply to all Gladli promotions and programs, the terms above take precedence.